Frankfort Residential Refrigeration Services

When your refrigerator starts hissing, sweating, leaking or cycling on and off at all hours of the day, it is trying to tell you that it’s in bad shape. And because your Frankfort home depends on having a working refrigerator, any time it can’t fulfill its very important purpose of keeping your food fresh, you need to give R and R Services a call.

Why call R and R Services? Because we understand the urgency of the situation. Getting through the day without a working fridge is a challenge, so rather than leave you high and dry, we do everything we can to deliver same day repairs to all customers requiring our refrigeration services. Our experienced and fully certified technicians can fix all makes and models of refrigerators and make sure that your home is back to normal in no time.

Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Repairs

It is extremely important for you to pay attention to the signs that your refrigerator requires repairs before they get too far out of hand. If left unattended to, it’s very likely that you’ll need to replace the appliance, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Rather than letting things get out of hand, contact R and R Services’s expert technicians as soon as you notice:

  • Your utility costs are increasing steadily.
  • Puddles of water inside the appliance.
  • Food spoils shortly after being put inside the fridge.
  • The unit is making strange or loud sounds.
  • The appliance is continuously running.

Any of these signs are a clear indication that your refrigerator needs to be looked at by one of our professionals. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse and worse. Give us a call today and get the problem fixed right away.

Refrigerator Replacements

Even though we can do virtually any repair in the book, appliances weren’t made to last forever. When your fridge is on its way out, there’s not much you can do except consult with R and R Services’s experts about finding an adequate replacement. Because our team is so familiar with residential refrigerators as well as the energy demands of your home, we can outfit you with the perfect refrigerator for your specific needs.

Waterline Installation

If you have recently purchased a new refrigerator, chances are that it comes equipped with a water dispenser to make staying hydrated more convenient than ever before. However, getting this standard feature of modern refrigerators working is much more complicated than it seems. Connecting it to your home’s plumbing is a difficult process is you don’t have experience working with these appliances.

Whether the connection is made from under a sink that’s within the proximity of the refrigerator, or from your basement, our professional refrigeration specialists can get the job done for you. In almost no time at all, our professionals can hook up your waterline and ice maker so that you can enjoy this great feature that makes life so much more convenient.

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No matter what your residential refrigeration needs are, R and R Services can help. So, contact us today.