Residential HVAC Repair in Nicholasville

By and large, homeowners really don’t give their HVAC systems much thought until something goes wrong. When your system does take a turn for the worse, it is downright distressing. Suddenly being unable to control your home’s temperature has a way of making Nicholasville homeowners feel helpless and rightfully so.

Thankfully, whenever your HVAC system isn’t working properly, R and R Services’s fully licensed and very experienced heating contractors can provide the necessary repairs to get it humming again. Don’t get stuck in the cold, let R and R Services’s technicians take a look at what’s happening in your furnace or air conditioner and we guarantee to get to the root of the problem quickly and conveniently.

Furnace Repair Services

There is never a bad time to get your furnace looked at by a professional so that you can rest easy knowing that a warm, comfortable home is at your fingertips. Furnace replacement is an expense we are confident no Nicholasville homeowner wants to take on. With that in mind, it’s important for you to be able to recognize the signs your furnace requires repairs before the damage is too far gone and replacement is our only course of action.

If any of the symptoms listed below describe your furnace, give us a call right away and we’ll be able to assist you.

Your Furnace Hasn’t Been Serviced in Over a Year

To make sure that your furnace is working at peak efficiency, you need to get maintenance for it every year. Regular checkups are a surefire way of making sure that any problems that may arise are nipped in the bud. Your air filter should be changed as often as once a month. If you have neglected to do either, it’s practically a guarantee that your furnace could benefit from a tune up.

Water is Pooling

A water leak isn’t significantly dangerous, but it needs to be addressed quickly if you want your house to stay warm. If there is a leak, it’s probably due to a clogged condensate line. To fix this, you need HVAC and plumbing expertise, which is why shouldn’t try to do it yourself.

It Smells like Gas

If you ever smell gas coming from your furnace, you need to shut off the machine immediately. Once it’s off, you need to find the gas supply valve and turn it off. Don’t light any matches or use any electricity and call us immediately. We’ll be able to inspect the furnace, locate the issue and fix it.

Strange Noises

Whether it’s a banging, a thumping or a squealing, loud and strange noises are a definite sign that there’s something amiss. It’s likely a mechanical issue, but the only way to know for sure is to let us take a look.

Only Cold Air is Coming Out

It goes without saying that if cold air is coming out of your home’s heater, there’s a problem. There might be an issue with the thermocouple or the pilot light. Either way, these are complex components to the furnace, which will require a professional touch.

For all your HVAC repair needs, contact R and R Services today.