Furnaces in Frankfort

The last thing any Frankfort homeowner wants is to be left out in the cold under their own roof. Whenever your home’s heating isn’t working, particularly when the temperature starts dropping, it is certainly cause for panic. However, panicking won’t get your furnace fixed, but calling R and R Services will.

R and R Services has been repairing and replacing furnaces in homes all over Frankfort for many years. In that time, we have established ourselves as the top choice for all your home’s furnace needs. Where most heating contractors tend to view you as just another customer, R and R Services really cares about providing quality work because we’re all a part of the Frankfort community.

Our licensed heating contractors can repair all makes and models of furnaces with upfront pricing and satisfaction guaranteed. So, whenever your home’s furnace isn’t working and the cold starts creeping in, give us a call and we’ll figure out how to resolve the issue.

Furnace Installations

Most homeowners don’t give two thoughts to their furnace. As long as it turns on and adequately heats the house, what else is there to think about? Your life has more urgent matters to attend to. Still, furnace installations is something every homeowner ought to consider. You might need to replace the old, inefficient model that is driving up your energy bill every month. Getting your house outfitted with a high efficiency furnace could save you hundreds of dollars every year between the cost of powering the old furnace and how many repairs it will need once it gets older than 20 years.

Whenever you decide it’s to upgrade, replace or add a brand-new furnace to your home, make sure it’s installed by R and R Services’s professional heating contractors. Whenever a furnace is improperly installed, it can ruin the fuel savings. It can also put the system under duress, making wear and tear more common, resulting in many avoidable repairs, a decreased lifespan and added expenses. When you let R and R Services install your furnace, it is guaranteed to operate at peak efficiency, saving you money and protecting it from premature breakdowns.

To learn more about the high efficiency furnaces we can install in your home, contact us today.

Furnace Repairs

If you haven’t been getting your furnace inspected at least once a year for regular maintenance, it’s very likely that there are setbacks on the horizon. Luckily, our fully licensed technicians are experts when it comes to quickly identifying the problem and getting it working again.

But before you call, you might want to double check:

The Switch. As simple as it sounds, making sure that the switch and circuit breaker in your home are on and working could save you a lot of stress.

The Thermostat. Again, it might sound silly but sometimes homeowners have forgotten to put fresh batteries in their thermostat or even set it to heat.

If you have ruled these two simple fixes out, then please give R and R Services a call. One of our heating contractors will be there to assist you shortly.