Boilers in Nicholasville

Hot water boilers have always been a popular method of heating Nicholasville homes primarily because of their efficiency and reliability. However, boilers can only live up to their efficient and reliable reputation when they are properly maintained.

If you are not sure how to maintain your home’s boiler, don’t worry. R and R Services has a whole team of fully licensed and extensively trained Nicholasville heating contractors that can provide regular service to your home’s boiler system. With our help, you can be sure that you and your family aren’t left out in the cold once winter comes around.

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Boiler Maintenance

Maintaining a home boiler should always be done by a professional. Letting an unqualified individual do maintenance on your boiler is a bad idea because they need to know how the system functions as a whole or else you risk sowing the seeds for more problems down the line.

When you let R and R Services be your boiler maintenance provider, you can rest easy knowing that a fully licensed professional is caring for your home’s heat. We pride ourselves on being able to provide Nicholasville homeowners with the best possible service. We always work quick and keep your best interests at heart always because your recommendations go a long way in this business. Our maintenance programs are as much about building trust with our customers as they are making sure your boiler is working to peak efficiency.

To make sure that your boiler is performing as efficiently as possible, we can:

  • Examine the vent and chimney.
  • Check the heater exchange.
  • Flush out the boiler.
  • Lubricate the circulating pump.

We can also review your boiler’s settings to make sure it’s not wearing itself out meeting heating demands that your home doesn’t have. If your boiler keeps turning on and off in a cyclical pattern, it’s not working to its maximum efficiency and possibly even creating cold spots in your home.

Making sure that your boiler is running at peak efficiency will save you money on your monthly energy bill and also limit the number of visits from us to carry out repairs. If your home depends on a gas boiler, it is very important that you get it serviced every year. In the event that you do not get it serviced regularly, you could be putting your home at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty appliances. Don’t make this potentially fatal mistake and make sure to get your boiler serviced regularly by the professionals.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler is failing to produce adequate heat, it’s leaking water or there is a strange metallic odor coming from it, contact R and R Services right away. If any of these signs are present, your boiler is a prime candidate for repair. We’ll diagnose the problem and do the necessary repairs right away so that you can go back to enjoying your home’s heat without worry.

Whenever you need help with your boiler, call the pros at R and R Services for maximum results.