Boilers in Frankfort

From single family homes to large scale apartment complexes, boilers have been a popular method of heating homes all over Frankfort for many years because of their energy efficient and reliable method of providing residents with consistent heat without taking up valuable space.

However, boilers are only the most efficient and economical way to deliver comfortable, high-quality heating throughout your home if they are properly maintained by professional heating contractors in Frankfort. If you are in need of someone that can repair, replace and maintain your home’s boiler, look no further than the fully licensed technicians at R and R Services.

At R and R Services, we have been providing top quality boiler services for many years. Coupled with our immaculate customer service record, it’s no wonder that even the handiest homeowners seek out our services. We simply believe that your home should be comfortable, and the best way to make sure of that is to get all the rooms adequately heated, especially as soon as cold weather starts rolling in.

If you want to see why more and more Frankfort homeowners are trusting R and R Services to service their home’s heating systems, call us today.

Boiler Replacements

Our first priority whenever we are contacted to take a look at someone’s boiler is to figure out if we can repair. Repairs can be quick, cost effective and long lasting when done by a professional. However, it is not uncommon for property owners to ignore their boiler until it completely breaks down, to the point where it’s beyond repair. To make matters worse, this typically happens on the coldest day of the year and when there is no money in the budget to pay for a brand new boiler.

To avoid these instances of being left out in the cold without a working boiler, these are the telltale signs that you should start saving for a boiler replacement.

Age. Even with proper maintenance, most boilers aren’t designed to last longer than 15 to 20 years. If it’s been in your home for as long as you can remember, it’s probably time for you to consider getting it replaced.

Energy Expenditures. If your energy bill has steadily risen, it may be due not only to your boiler’s age but also because it requires more regular maintenance to operate efficiently.

Discoloration. Yellow flames on gas burners and black soot on oil boilers can be a sign that the fuel is not burning properly and thus creating poisonous carbon monoxide. Make sure your home is equipped with working carbon monoxide detectors and call us right away.

Leaks. A boiler that leaks or requires additional water is probably at the end of its lifecycle. Replacing it can help you avoid flooding and other property damage.

Increased Failures. If your boiler requires service constantly, the cost of repairs can quickly add up. Not to mention the inconvenience of being without heat while you wait for R and R Services’s help to arrive. You are better off upgrading your old boiler for a brand new one.

For accurate assessments, quality workmanship and more, contact R and R Services with any questions or concerns regarding your home’s boiler.