Air Conditioning in Lexington

When summer rolls around, you can forget about having a good night’s sleep if your air conditioner isn’t working or if your home isn’t equipped with one. Once the heat arrives, you will be tossing and turning as beads of sweat collect all over your bedsheets. If you don’t like the sound of overheating all season long, there is a way to beat the Lexington heat and it is as simple as picking up your phone and calling R and R Services.

R and R Services is a company specializing in residential HVAC services and can outfit your Lexington home with a high efficiency air conditioner that will keep your house cool without breaking the bank. For a free quote on all of our air conditioning services, whether it be repairs, installs or regular maintenance, drop us a line today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are one of the most common types of AC systems on the market today. These units can keep your Lexington home cool whenever the temperatures outside rise above a comfortable level thanks to an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor coil. The compressor pumps refrigerant through the air conditioner to remove heat and moisture from inside the building. When the hot air reaches the coil, it’s pumped outside while cooler air continues to fill your home.

What makes central air conditioners such an attractive air conditioning option for homeowners is the consistency of their service. When the cold air is distributed through duct work, it keeps every room in your home relatively the same temperature. Although they can be a big initial investment, they also don’t make too much noise and are overall more efficient at keeping the indoor air comfortably cool. They also are excellent at cleaning the air because they remove dust and other airborne particles before they reach your home’s indoor climate.

The key when investing in a central air conditioner is to get the right size for your home. Of course, the right size depends on a number of different variables in terms of what your home needs. This can often be difficult for homeowners that don’t have experience assessing their air conditioning needs to accurately predict. Thankfully, R and R Services’s air conditioning contractors can assist you in determining exactly what your home needs. Just give us a call and let us know that you’re interested in a new central air conditioning system and we’ll be there as soon as we can to carry out an assessment.

Nothing beats the simplicity of central air conditioning, and thanks to our experience installing, repairing and maintaining all major brands of air conditioners, we guarantee that we can help you find the right fit for your home.

How We Get the Right Air Conditioner

Every home has its own quirks and every homeowner has their own preferences, especially when it comes to budget. The key is to listen to our clients and do our due diligence in measuring your home, the hot and cold zones created by sun exposure and factoring electricity costs.

We are committed to providing all of our customers with comfort, which is why you can trust us to find the perfect air conditioner for your home. Call us today so that we can get started.